Publishing in Competitive Journals:
What Do They Look For?


講座資訊 | Info

講座日期 │ 2017 年 11 月 16 日(星期四)

講座時間 │ 下午 1:30 - 3:00 (1:10開始報到)

講座地點 │ 成大文學院 修齊大樓 7F會議室 (地圖

講者簡介 │ 澳門大學教育學院副院長 張庆元 特聘教授

主  持  人 │ 成功大學外國語文學系 閔慧慈 特聘教授

講座對象 │ 歡迎成大全體教職員工生及他校師生報名參與


T I M E │ Thursday, November 16, 2017  1:30 p.m.

VENUE │ Conference Room, 7F Hsiu-Chi Building (see map)

(This event is open to all NCKU students and faculty members.)

This talk aims to introduce participants to what editors and reviewers look for in manuscripts submitted to competitive indexed journals (e.g., SSCI, SCI journals). Drawing on my experiences as Editor-in- Chief of two international journals, author, and reviewer, I will share on the general issues and specific aspects of the publication process adopted by most good journals.

講者簡介 | Speaker

Timothy Teo (Ph.D.) is a Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Macau (China SAR), and an Honorary Professor at the University of Auckland (New Zealand). His research interests are multi-disciplinary and include both substantive and methodological areas. These are Educational Psychology (Self-efficacy-teachers and students; Beliefs about teaching and learning; Meta-cognition), ICT in Education (Technology acceptance and adoption; e-learning; digital natives), Music Education (Psychological processes of music teaching and learning), and Quantitative Methods (Psychometrics; Instrument development and validation; cross-cultural measurement; issues in survey development and administration; structural equation modeling; multilevel modeling; latent growth modeling). Timothy is chief editor of two international journals, The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (TAPER) and International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education (IJQRE) and sits in the editorial board of over 10 international journals. As an author, he has edited three books and written many book chapters and conference papers. To date, Timothy has published over 140 peer-reviewed journal articles, with more than 100 in highly-ranked SSCI journals including Computers and Education, Educational and Psychological Measurement, Interactive Learning Environment, Journal of computer Assisted Learning, British Journal of Educational Technology, Journal of Research in Music Education, Computers in Human Behavior, The Internet and Higher Education, Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, and Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment. His recent book, Handbook of Quantitative Methods in Education was released in 2014 and Timothy is currently editing a book on researching digital natives.

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